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Filters for your French Press

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Brew your coffee with no mess, no stress!

Do you love the rich, full-bodied taste of coffee or tea made in a French Press but don't love the mess? With our Caffi filters, you can keep the grounds out of your mug and enjoy an easy cleanup!

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How to make the perfect coffee with Caffi

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About Us

Brew your coffee with no mess, no stress!

Our coffee filters work with all types and grades of coffee beans as it scrapes away the residuals to keep your French Press mess-free and extends the lifespan of your coffee press. Caffi is a sustainable and eco-friendly product as it helps reduce the amount of water used to clean your French Press and get rid of coffee residuals. 


Caffi Filters can be broken down by naturally occurring microorganisms. It is manufactured using an oxygen-bleached process instead of the traditional chlorine-bleached, which makes it much better for our environment. With Caffi, you can enjoy your coffee while helping save our environment!

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Caffi is eco-friendly


Meet your Caffi Joe

Ciao! I'm Joseph Grimaldi and I am the owner of Caffi Canada. I love drinking coffee and traveling the world. I have spent some time in Europe and enjoyed exploring Denmark and Italy. While I was in Denmark, I met the Forsslings and discovered Caffi Filters. These are coffee filters designed especially for the French Press. This enhanced my coffee experience and had me convert from my regular espresso to using French Press on a regular basis. My mission is to share the best French Press coffee experience with Canadians, all without the mess and cleanup stress! I look forward to getting to know you and sharing this green and eco-friendly coffee journey with you.⁠ Thank you for visiting!


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Where you can find Caffi

You can find our filters in these retail outlets in Toronto.
Are you a retail store or coffee shop owner and want to see Caffi in your community? We are looking for partners in other Canadian regions!

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