Caffi Testimonials

We are being noticed!

Everything is easier...

I really enjoy these filters, they make my morning coffee routine so much neater!

It’s also much easier to clean my French press when I’m in a hurry: I can dump the entire filter in the garbage right after I pour my coffee, instead of having to wait for the grinds to cool before I can remove them.

- Anna, New Jersey

No clogging up of garbage

I am so happy to have discovered the Caffi filter for a plunger (French Press) coffee maker. It is so easy to use and had solved the problem I had emptying the coffee grounds and clogging up my garbage disposal.
- S.D.

No Bitterness and no sediments

Thank you very much Jakob! Yes, that answered my questions. I used the filter this morning and it was great. My coffee tasted wonderful and it took away the bitterness and sediment.

Have a wonderful day.
- S.B.

I love your filters

I love your filters and always promote where/when I can 😍♥️ thank you again!!
- Su Sheen

Filters for friends

I just wanted to let you know that I managed to pick up some of your coffee filters when I was in Aalborg. I have been using them at home in the UK and several friends have been very interested in them. Indeed, I have given most of mine away for friends to try!


Perfekt addition

Thank you

First day with Caffi

Thank you for your filters! They are the perfect addition to my morning coffee ritual and my evening tea ceremony.

– Wil J.

Thank you. I love the filters and YES - once we are low on stock I'll purchase it.


First day of using your filters, thank you so much. Coffee even tastes better.

- Mv