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Enjoy coffee perfection without a mess
with Caffi filters in a French Press

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Do you love the rich, full-bodied taste of coffee or tea made in a French Press but don't love the mess?
Our Caffi filters are the perfect solution for you and your superb beverage.

Keep the grounds out of your mug and enjoy easy cleanup.

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There are a few retail outlets in Ontario listed below. We are looking for outlets in other regions of Canada.

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Ciao! My name is Joseph Grimaldi and I am the owner of Caffi Canada.

I am an avid coffee drinker, and traveller. I have spent time throughout Europe and loved my time in Italy and Denmark. While I was in Denmark, working on a very different project, I met the Forssling's and discovered "Caffi" filters for the French Press. This enhanced my coffee experience and had me converting from espresso to French Press on a more regular basis. My mission is to deliver to Canadians the best French Press experience without any mess or stress.

I look forward to getting to know you and sharing this Green and Eco-friendly coffee journey.⁠


Caffi - the way to the best coffee experience.